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Fetch & Retrieve

To get to Fetch & Retrieve, click 'helpdesk setup' then the 'Fetch & Retrieve' tab. Note: Fetch & Retrieve has been replaced with Google Custom Search, and Fetch & Retrieve is no longer available in the ticket interface. You can still use Fetch & Retrieve in the Support Center and under 'Research', but it is recommended to use Google Custom Search instead.

Helpdesk Setup -- Fetch & Retrieve.png


Topics are used to logically group several resources together. For example, if your company offers two products, each one should probably have it's own topic.

Fetch & Retrieve -- Topics.png


Fetch & Retrieve -- Resources.png

Each resource is associated with a topic. A resource is something that Fetch & Retrieve will search when a worker or user does a Fetch & Retrieve search. You can setup a resource for your blog, forums, or even Google!

Helpdesk Setup
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